Saturday, March 12, 2011

Goodbye and Hello!

Thank you for viewing my blog :)

This blog shall be dead from now on, but I shall not delete it. I will leave it here to remind me of the things that I lived through since the beginning of this blog XD

New blog URL is:

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I should end this last post happily at least... hmm let's see..

Updates on quadsuit: I've searched all of the fabric stores in cabra and just as I expected, they don't sell fake fur. My only option is to buy them only. Approx 1yard of the fur i need, is approc $25 (excluding shipping..) No wonder why quadsuits uses up about $300-$500.. and they sell for 1.7k+ (Normal price would be 2k)

I have sent at least 10+ emails to different foam suppliers, and I found 2 that I like. One in bankstown, and another in Vic. Most likely, I'm going to get the one in Vic. They've sent me free samples of the foam and.. its perfecto!! :)

On another note, I had my first Friday parkour class from 6-8:40pm and it was THE BEST! I swear I'm gonna try to not miss another of the Friday classes. There was a total of 24 guys, and 3 girls (inclusing me) I don't really care about the amount of guys, because they're super friendly! And it's really helping me to boost my confidence and all, and they're pretty awesome and nice ;)

Summing up what happened last Thursday. Part of my group went movies but I couldn't go because I had a Birthday that I promised to go to, and besides, a friends birthday is more important than going out to watch movies with part of your group isn't it? And I wasn't the only one that didn't go so I don't see why some have the need to complain rofls :) Anyways. The cake was great! I think it was the yummiest cake I've ever eating, but damn the cream was too much for me xD It was pretty much what you can call perfect cream. I'm not much of a sweet tooth, and that cream was really nice. It wasn't sweet to the max, and it wasn't plain either, but in the end I had to give up on the cream, because there was just too much! =) After that, I went with Jess to livo. She told me she was going livo too, which is why I hitched a ride with her hehe. Took us 3 hours, to find the things I needed. I can't stop thanking her rofls. It was so hard to look for a plain black NORMAL t-shirt, and black track-like pants that is easy to move in! (With a bit of elastic at the bottom)

On that same day when I came home, I looked for my sport shoes for the next day.. only to find out (when I called my mum) that she chucked them in the bin.. O_O When she came home, she presented me with new shoes. Black ones. Nike. $90.. and it was a full sole.. those one-sole ones.. so its not like those sport shoes that are 2 piece and stuck together.. so these one were pretty suitable for parkour BUT, the sole was a bit too thick so it doesn't really give me the chance it "feel" what's under my foot xD But still, it's good xD

I can always buy the Feiyues.. but they're $50 O_O

AND here I shall be going. I do hope I might post some things in the future still.. at least once or two (then that'll be called temporary leave and not permanent) xD

Hmmm.. I feel bad posting what I did before... but oh well. Now some people will know that the whole time, they don't even know me, and they still don't actually :D

SO hungry. Gonna go finish off cleaning and adding stuff to my room, then back to study :)


I shall be on temporary leave.. or maybe I won't come back. :) I might still blog.. but don't be looking forward to me blogging :)

So many things have been happening.. I seriously think some people are screwed up.. going back on their words and stuff. I'm so sick of it. So you know what I'll do? I shall slowly remove myself from their world. After the hsc and stuff, hopefully they will forget about my existence. It's too bothersome if I'm there, and I don't want to have anything to do with that person either. Even if it may be not be possible for them to completely forget about me, but at least my existence to them will be reduced.

Say whatever the fuck you want because you know what? I've had enough. I'm just going to ignore all this bullshit and continue living the way I do. You can be fake or upright I don't give a shit. Do whatever you want but I just want you to get this through your thick skull. I.Have.A.Life. So don't fucking tell me how to live my life and what I should do.

And just because I'm timid on the outside doesn't mean I'm the same inside. For your information, no one knows "who I am" besides 2 people outside my family, and guess what? You're not one of them. And if this hurts you, well... it shouldn't anyway. You have NO fucking clue what I've went through because of you, and I don't intend to tell you anymore than that. And to the person that I told you everything by mail, keep your promise aye? ;) Oh yeah.. and your dream really is coming true. It's just that it hasn't shown itself physically, but underneath, it already began long ago.

Ahh shit. Looks like I've broken my own promise of not posting negative things here.. One day, when the time is right, I will be creating a new blog, but I won't be deleting this one. The new one will be a new start. It will be clean of these past. AND.. it shall be more awesomeee xD

Oh.. and last note. Don't try to talk to me. I had to write this because some things doesn't seem to be getting through your head. Is it clearer to you now? Well I hope so.

LOL reading through this again.. I figured I should have said this heaps earlier.. and this kinda came out the wrong time. But oh well I hope they understand this at least. -siighh--

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bank Robber Prank

Got this off Helen :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quadsuit Looks update

Alright so... the whole day it's been bugging me. My outline of the quadsuit looks... like a cat! Not a Tiger..

Sooo.. I spent another hour taking pictures of myself in a position most suitable for a Tiger. It was hard XD I had do numerous positions because they're either too uncomfortable but perfect shape/position for the Tiger's body, or too comfortable but does not match a Tiger's body at all..

Sooo I decided to go with both. Half half. Usually in this position, it may wear you out because the front-to-be-stilts (for front paws) is too short, therefore lowering your top half which can be very tiring.. But I can get used to that so it's probably alright for me :) I just hope my completed suit looks like this but yeah.. doubt it. Probably look somewhat close.

Look like a Tiger now? :)

Monday, February 21, 2011


Here it goes again :P

I've been yet again, inspired by certain people on their quadsuits.. it's just bloody amazing!! And because of that, I'm so pumped up I'm gonna try to make my own. I've estimated that it will take me about 5-8 months to finish it, or probably a year.

What is a quadsuit you may wonder. Know those fursuits? like the Easter Bunny one. Well those are fursuits, where you put on the big face mask and stand upright. Quadsuits on the other hand, requires you to be on all fours, with the headpiece attached to a helmet which of course goes to your head.

Now, they are really expensive.. a full fursuit one can cost up to $1000.. as a mascot.

Usually work in progress ones sell up to $200, with only the foam and exoskeleton. I've estimated.. that I'll be spending well over $300 on this, but hey I'm pretty sure its worth it XD I know I may sound immature and weird, but I love acting as animals.. even my little brother sits on my back and I become his "horse" for the time being (Damn he's getting heavier.. don't think I can keep that up) And I'm pretty good at running on all fours - For the few [about 3 people] that have seen me.. you know what I mean ;) -

OKAY soo I'll only upload this one image, and about in a years time or so i'll upload the finish product roflss. Along with the images and videos I would have taken along the way.

Colour? White and Orange. Animal? Tiger. I don't think it will turn out so good though. I have no experience what so ever, so I've decided to do this to improve my creative skills and imagination. Also to move me away from anime and games =)

Here's the plan. Don't worry about the shading, that's just my foam planning... XD

Dang.. I've just set my goals too high here

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I've been so tired lately. After school, I would fall asleep for about 3-4 hours, everyday. I seriously don't know what's wrong with me :( Due to this, I haven't been able to complete school work properly either...


I must be out of my mind. Last Thursday I went and bought mince beef... and mushrooms. And I've forgotten about them. Today I remembered, and now I'm thinking.. why did I buy that for? I have no idea what to do with them.. and tomorrow is it's due date.. so I decided to improvise and.. make SOMETHING out of it. Not sure what I'm making.. but if I end up with a bad stomach and toilet problems.. I'd know why XD

And so I washed the mushrooms.. chopped it up, took out the mince meat, mixed it with oil, sugar, salt and pepper.. I just added random amounts. Still don't know what I'm doing :) And lastly.. I found coriander in the fridge so I chopped them up too, and some onions, which I chopped up till there were about 1x1mm in size =D In the cupboard I found some umm.. what are they called.. ahh those soft tortillas or something.

I guess.. what ever the meat turns out to be.. i might be able to eat them with those tortillas.. maybe I should make some rice too.. -shrugs- I seriously hope I don't food poison myself :P

Edit 1 [Cooking] : So I managed to cook them all.. and I actually forgot to put the onion in first.. so I just chucked them in somewhere halfway through :) To my surprise.. it actually smells kinda nice! But.. we say looks can be deceiving.. I'm gonna say "smells can be deceiving.." I've placed a lid on the pan so that the flavor can umm be absorbed? Iunno.. I shall check it again in a few minutes. There seems to be quite a lot of liquid in there. Might put it on simmer till it condenses..

Edit 2 [Tasting] : .. omgsh... It actually tastes quite nice! I was too afraid to try it first.. So I scooped a bit into those small sauce dish, and gave it to my mum. She she tried it.. and she was quiet for too long so I got really nervous XD Then she told me it was pretty good. Ahhh so glad.. went back to the kitchen and tried it for myself, and to my surprise I liked it :) It wasn't awesome or anything, but it's pretty decent and edible. Time to fry up the tortillas!!

Edit 3 [Final] : Mmmm... I like ;) Here's the pictures. Everyone else ate it with prawn crackers =)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update Summary

Alrighties.. so I can't be bothered typing out what happened in the last few days.. but to sum it up..

After school on Thursday I went with Jolly, Stefani, Melissa, Swissanah, Jessica L,  Megan, Cindy and Grestine to celebrate Jolly's 17th :) We went to stockies and.. well the plans went astray and some stuff happened.. which wasn't so good..

And I was finally able to buy my watch.. A casio one, for the price of $119 ^^

Hmm.. oh yes! Today in hosplitality, we made Meat Pies!! Mmmm.. it was yummy! But there was something off about the flavour lol. Overall very nice. I put it back in the oven when I got home because it was soft XD

Left to right from top then bottom: Megan, Diana, Melissa, Rebecca's and mine =)